Not A Disney Princess: Brett Cooper Stars As Snow White In Based Live-Action Film


Titled "Snow White and the Evil Queen", the film is meant to provide an alternative to Disney's upcoming "woke" remake. Here are some key details about The Daily Wire's version.

"Snow White and the Evil Queen"

Taking a cue from the classic fairy tale, The Daily Wire's version is called "Snow White and the Evil Queen". 

Meant to Counter Disney's "Woke" Snow White Remake

The Daily Wire is making their own version in response to some criticism of diversity changes in Disney's upcoming live-action remake starring Rachel Zegler. 

Production is Slated for 2024

While an exact release date hasn't been announced, The Daily Wire says the movie will be completed in 2024. 

Focus on the story's "timeless values"

The Daily Wire's Jeremy Boreing stated they want to tell a story about beauty, vanity, love and its power - focusing on the classic tale's core themes 

Viral Trailer

If the views on the movie trailer is any indication of the success this film will have, it will be a smash hit.