New Mother At Wit’s End As Her Husband Invites In-Laws Without Her Consent

The Importance of Recovery Time

After giving birth to her third child, this mother who we’ll call Laura, made it clear to her husband that she needed time to adjust and recover before having guests over. 

Figuring Out New Dynamics

“I didn’t even want guests at the hospital, but we compromised and had his parents and mine over the 2nd day.” 

Disrupting Postpartum Recovery

Despite her wishes, her husband continued to invite his parents over without consulting her, causing stress and overwhelm during a crucial time. 

Fight Ensues

“We got into a big fight. Apparently I’m ‘holding their grandchild from them’.” 

Laura Needs Help

Laura explains to her husband that she would just prefer if her husband were home so she can pump when she needs to. 

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