Mother Refuses to Let Toddler Be Alone at In-Laws Canal-side House

Concerns About Canal-side House

Tara is concerned about her daughter being alone at her in-laws’ canal-side house

Hard Boundary

“I’ve drawn a hard boundary with my husband that my daughter can’t be there without either me or him whilst there is no fence between the garden and the canal,” Tara wrote. 

Health Issues

Tara says she is worried because her in-laws have health issues that will prevent them from being quick on their feet 

Brush Stroke

Trust Issues

Tara also has trust issues with her in-laws. She has spoken of past incidents where she was concerned about their in-laws taking care of her child and her instincts were proven right. 

Seeking Advice

The mother is seeking advice on whether she is being unreasonable in her decision to not let her daughter be alone at her in-laws’ canal-side house. 

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