Mother and Sister Guilted A Pregnant Woman for Not Going To Her Cousin's Sweet 16 Birthday

The Backstory It’s a common dilemma: do you prioritize your own self-care or attend an event to avoid offending others? 

“My young cousin had a sweet sixteen today that I was invited to. I chose not to go and now my mother and sister are saying that it was extremely rude of me to do so,” the woman shared.

The woman explained that she works full time and is currently 31 weeks pregnant, making her physical exertions even more challenging.

The Cousin Probably Didn’t Notice Some commenters expressed support for the woman’s decision and emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-care.

“I don’t think this is rude. I honestly think people forget how hard it can be to do a lot, or even just a regular amount of activity while pregnant!” one person said.

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