9 Most Absurd Unsolicited Parenting Advice That No One Listens To

Give Them Water

Let Them Cry

“Give him water he needs to clear his throat.” Said about a newborn.

“Just let him cry! He needs to strengthen his lungs.”

Mobility Issues

Learning How To Accept Defeat

One advice given to a mom with a 4 week old son was, “You need to move his arms or he’ll never learn to use them.” To reiterate, this was a 4 week old baby.

One person said, this is the advice they got from their mother. “We pushed all of you guys off the couch onto pillows as a newborn.

Developing a Superiority Complex

Breathing For Two

“If you put him in a carrier he’ll have a superiority complex.

While working the retail job and wearing a mask while pregnant, she recalls, “I had a customer who was genuinely concerned make the comment “You be careful wearing that mask mama! You’re breathing for two now!”

Giving Soda Early On

Teach Him Not To Cry

“Give the baby coke in his bottle, he’ll love it. I did it with all my kids,” said a Redditor’s mother-in-law.

One person was given advice never to hold her baby when he cries so that he can learn not to cry.

About Tummy Time, Baby Carriers And More

A user’s sister-in-law who doesn’t have kids had the audacity to tell her that “If you use a baby carrier instead of a stroller you are going to create a baby with no sense of attachment.

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