Mommy Apologies: New Mom Changes Perspective After Experiencing Childbirth Herself

Buying From Baby Registry

“I’m sorry,” she starts her apology. I’m sorry I didn’t buy off the registry for your baby shower. 

Being Insensitive During And After Pregnancy

She goes on to apologize for being insensitive to her friends’ birth plans and for not being more understanding of their struggles.

Thinking It’s Easy To Be Home With Baby All Day

It’s easy to brush off and ignore the difficult realities of being a parent until you’re in the same position. 

Others Respond – Many Don’t Actually Buy From Registry

If it’s practical stuff, and you know it’s recommended by other parents, is it a bad idea? 

Others Resonated With This Sentiment

And now that I’m on the other side, I see a huge difference between my friends with kids and my friends without. 

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