Man Caught His Teenage Son Cheating On His Girlfriend, 

So This Is What He Did 

Cheating is never easy to talk about, especially when it involves a loved one. For one parent who we’ll call ‘Brandon’, the discovery of their son’s infidelity was a shock  

He Sees Them At A Restaurant

As Brandon shares, “I told him how I went to the restaurant he was at last night and saw him with another girl.” The son immediately admitted to his mistake and shared the details of his infidelity 

His Son Shares How They Met

Brandon said, “He got into an argument with his girlfriend three weeks ago and they did not talk to each other for three days.  

He Continues Seeing Both Girls For 3 Weeks

“The girl from the restaurant knows he has a girlfriend and she has been trying to convince him to break up with her. 

The Importance of Honesty

He owes it to be truthful to her and by leading her on she is going to be more hurt because he is keeping this secret from her.”