Man Accused Wife Of Ruining His Birthday After She Refused To Do This

Emily Cleans The Home For 4 Days

A woman who we’ll call ‘Emily’ recently shared a story about an argument with her husband over leftovers. Emily, who had been off work for four days, spent her time deep cleaning their home.

Her Husband Expects A Cooked Meal

Emily’s husband expected her to cook every meal since she was home. “My husband sees that I am off and I have had to serve him every meal since I am home.”

She Said She Would Not Cook The Next Day

“After dinner last night I packed up left overs and made it clear that I would not be making ANYTHING the next day.."

He Claims She Is Ruining His Birthday Month

Since it was her husband’s birthday soon, she booked a hotel for them to get away. “I have a hotel booked for this weekend for us.."

The Husband is Controlling

Others pointed out the controlling behavior of her husband. As one person stated, “He wants you to cook, clean and organize everything and all he has to do is show up? He sounds very controlling.”