Stranger Yelled At A Woman For Bringing Her Child To A Restaurant – Was She In The Wrong?

A 30-year-old mother, who we’ll call ‘Janie’ has taken to the internet to ask if she was in the wrong for bringing her three-month-old baby to a restaurant.

Man Yells At Janie

I started looking at the floor around me. He yelled again to get my attention and said something to the effect of, ‘No one wants to hear your baby. You’re not special.'”

Janie Ignores Him

Janie, who is not confrontational, left the patio and calmed the baby down before returning to the restaurant. The man continued to try and get her attention, but she ignored him.

Friends React

One person responded, “You can take your baby places, it’s not radioactive.

Friends React

Someone else said, “In my opinion, lunch time is for kids, especially on the patio. A high end restaurant at night is the only time I don’t expect to find young children.

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