Is She Wrong For Refusing To Do More Than The Bare Minimum When Her In-Laws Visit?

To Be A Good Host Or Not To Be

A woman asks if she should be a good hostess to her in-laws visiting, given that she is 3 weeks postpartum. This woman, who we’ll call ‘Tina’ is a frustrated mother

Three Weeks Postpartum

Despite being only 3 weeks postpartum with a new baby and a toddler, Tina has agreed to host her husband’s parents, sister, and family for a week during spring break.

They Will Spend Most Time At Her House

“Although the 7 of them would be staying at an Airbnb, I know they will be spending all day every day at our home to see the kids.”

She Tells Him She Will Not Cater To Them

“I told my husband to make sure they know we will be ordering in every meal, and beyond eggs and cereal and some drinks and snacks (i.e. chips and fruit), I wasn’t planning to get much else.

He Expects Her To Be A Good Hostess

His response was “Well we are going to need this and that for my parents and this and that for the kids, and I was thinking one day I can make this and that.”