Is Making Small Talk Creepy Now? Opinions Are Divided

The Social Contract is Broken

"I was raised by an Appalachian, so I was taught to say hello to people and make eye contact if you sit next to them at work or they are your cashier and things of that nature..."

Regional Difference

"I feel like it’s regional. Your experience is definitely like my experience in South Florida..."

Politeness is Not Quid Pro Quo

Being polite means being respectful and considerate of others, whether it’s respecting their desire for silence or engaging in small talk with them if they’re chatty. 

Location Matters

"I’m in a major city and I’m friendly with all my neighbors and often encounter strangers who smile and say hello on the street..." 

Good Morning Neighborhood

"I live in a residential area of Philly and I call it a “good morning neighborhood” because many people will make eye contact and say good morning, even on a Monday. 

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