Is It Tacky To Throw Your Own Baby Shower? Turns Out, It's Pretty Common Nowadays

In a Reddit post, the mother-to-be asks for opinions on throwing a co-ed baby BBQ in lieu of a traditional baby shower. She explains her predicament, “I’m a planner by nature.

She wonders, “I’ve heard it’s seen as tacky/gift-grabby to throw your own shower. But I was hoping maybe this would somehow be a bit different? Or is it less tacky to ask my friend to be the one to send out invites to it?”

The mother-to-be hopes that her idea will be well-received, especially since no one has offered to throw a shower for her yet.

One commenter wrote, “I don’t think it’s tacky, especially since no one offered to throw you a shower. I’ve been to many showers at the mom-to-be’s home, especially if they have a good set-up for entertaining.

Others Weigh In

Another commenter encouraged the expectant mother to go for it, saying, “I think it’s pretty normal to host your own baby shower these days, I say go for it.”

Others Weigh In