Is Giving Breastmilk To Someone Else’s Child Acceptable? The Internet Can’t Quite Decide

Friend Giving Her Son Breastmilk

She opened the conversation with saying, “my friend was watching my baby and fed him her breast milk (from a bottle).

Was It Wrong

The internet can’t quite decide whether it’s ok. Many lean towards it being weird, but some say it’s ok. Here are some of the responses. 

Some Say It’s Weird

One user said, “I think it’s weird because you clearly had formula for him. It’s very strange, in my opinion.” 

Others Say It’s Ok If It’s A Trusted Friend

Another woman said, “Coming from a gal who just picked up an entire large cooler full of breastmilk from her sister-in-law.

There Was No Need To Give Breastmilk

Someone else said “Its not weird in the sense that lots of women donate breastmilk to moms who can’t produce enough on their own.  

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