Infidelity And Money For Tacos: Secrets People Have Kept from Their Significant Other Until Now

Paying Attention to the Little Things

"I study him. Not in a gross creepy way. I notice when he likes certain kinds of soap more, or different flavors of food. They’re things we’ve never exactly discussed but I like to make a priority to pick up on...."

Watching TV Shows Alone

"I watched all episodes of Rick and Morty after our first fight, it was something we where supposed to do together but I just got angry at her and decided to do it." 

Eating the Last Cookie

"I know who ate all the cookies. (It was me)" 

Infidelity and Revenge

"He cheated on me repeatedly for years. Petty, but one day I smashed his AirPods with a hammer and threw them away. He still thinks he lost them. We are separated now." 

Sending Money for Tacos

"I send our adult daughter money for tacos. She moved away to start her career, and I miss her." 

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