Inconsiderate In-Laws: She Used The Name Her Sister-In-Law Wanted To Use

Choosing A Baby Name

One woman, a 23-year-old new mother who we’ll call Ruth, found herself in a family feud over the choice of her daughter’s name.

Same First Name

“I liked Mary-Grace. My sister-in-law (SIL) liked the names Mary-Kay,” Ruth said. “My SIL did choose the name first, but our names weren’t identical. SIL still insisted I didn’t use Mary-Grace still.”

Ruth Gave Birth First

Ruth and her sister-in-law are both pregnant, but Ruth gave birth to her daughter first.

Ignored Objections

Despite her sister-in-law’s objections, Ruth and her husband decided to go ahead with their preferred name.

Ruth Announced Her Baby’s Name

“When I announced [my baby’s name], my SIL called us and [was very mad]. She said we disrespected her, knowing she picked the name first.