Husband Wants To Quit Working; Wife Says She Will Lose Respect For Him If He Does

In a recent post on Reddit, the original poster (OP) writes about her dilemma in balancing her rising career with her husband’s dream of pursuing a full-time career in art.

The woman goes on to explain how her career has taken off financially and how she has offered to take on more of the financial burden.

However, when her husband suggested he might soon be able to stop working, she was quick to point out: “I never agreed to that.

The woman then poses the question of how couples in these situations should handle it, explaining: “Was I off? I mean yes I could technically sustain us on my own

This is a difficult situation that many couples find themselves in. On the one hand, the woman clearly wants to support her husband in his dream and recognizes the financial security that her success can provide for their family.

The Crowd Weighs In

One commenter wrote: “These are things that need to be discussed and agreed on. And you are well within your rights to say you don’t want to be the sole breadwinner

The Crowd Weighs In

Another commenter echoed a similar sentiment: “Probably not a popular vote but I’m with you… there is no way I would continue to go to work while a grown man who is in his prime with no issues just decides he can stay at home and do artwork.

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