Husband demands wife do more around the house – Was he wrong?

Fair Split Of Chores Before Baby The OP and his wife are in their mid 30’s. Before having a baby, they used to split the tasks around the house. 

Grandparents Help After Birth For the first month after the baby’s birth, OP’s mother and his mother-in-law helped them with house chores. This allowed my wife and I to focus on our baby and allowed me to help my wife with whatever she needed.

Current Situation With Wife And Baby The OP’s wife is still on maternity leave since the birth of their baby, however, he hasn’t taken his maternity leave yet. He plans on taking his leave when his wife goes back to work.

Current Situation With Wife And Baby He then starts to describe why he thinks his wife should start doing more around the house. “My wife on maternity leave is pretty much a “stay at home mom” since all she’s doing is just taking care of the baby; however, that’s almost all she does.”

Most Comments Are On The Wife’s Side Most of the comments favor the wife’s side, pointing out that newborns and babies don’t sleep 11 straight hours at night and still need to be fed at night.

They also pointed out that the wife is probably still recovering from giving birth, “She’s not on a lazy vacation, she is healing and needs rest and time. At the same time she’s recovering from birth.

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