How To Pick the Best Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls


Giving gifts is always a great time to strengthen your bond with friends and family. But when picking gifts for nine-year-old girls, consider gifting something that could help them discover meaningful new interests or have a lasting impact they will remember for years.  

Affordable Gifts for 9-Year-Old Girls

Stuffed Animal 

Opt for a plush toy modeled after a favorite character, or consider making an impact by buying a stuffed animal from a maker that supports a nonprofit like Rainforest Conservation or the World Wildlife Fund.

Card Games

Card games have become very diversified. There are the traditional games you play with a standard deck of 52 or a unique dedicated deck card game like Exploding Kittens. 

Board Games

Like Trekking the national parks, a strategy game the whole family will enjoy. Who knows! It might inspire a family trip to one or several of our nation’s incredible parks. 

A Fun Mermaid Blanket 

You could get her any old cozy blanket, but a mermaid blanket is unique. How many people do you know that have a cool blanket like that?