How To Love Yourself: Professionals Share 18 Secrets To Fostering Self Love

Learning how to love yourself can boost your self-esteem, enhance your wellness, and improve your overall quality of life.

Why Do I Struggle To Love Myself?

In 2021, The Body Shop released an epic study examining global self-love statistics. It found that nearly half the global population feels more self-doubt than self-love.

How To Love Yourself

Learning how to love yourself takes time, effort, and introspection. We asked mental health professionals to share their best tips and tools for cultivating a positive self-image.

Define Self Love

The first step is defining what self-love looks like for you.

Take Action

Hawes reminds us that love is a verb, so if we want to love ourselves, we must act. “It’s a way of being and moving through the world and offering kindness and forgiveness to yourself,” she says.

Stop Judging

We’re often our own harshest critics, which shows in how we chastise ourselves over every perceived transgression.

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