How Often Should You Visit Your Parents So They Can See Their Grandchild?

A woman, who we’ll call Amy, is seeking validation, and shared her story of how her parents who live 25 minutes away from her family, never make an effort to visit their only grandchild.

The tension between the grandparents and the family escalated when Amy’s mother issued an ultimatum to Amy, saying she needed to divorce her husband. This has caused a falling out between them.

Amy seeks validation on how often it is realistic for visits. “I’m curious how often is truly realistic for visits,” she said.

The responses to Amy’s query sheds a light on the varying frequency of grandparent-grandchild visits.

Others Weigh In

One person shared, “My parents live 5 minutes away, and I only see them every second or third week (me and my mom don’t have a good relationship).

Others Weigh In

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