How Much Should You Spend On Children’s Gifts? One Woman Complains About The Pressure of Gift-Giving

A recent post on Reddit has sparked a debate on the expectations and obligations of gift-giving.

The post reads: “I am not spending a fortune on children’s gifts. If I get invited to a toddler’s birthday party, I don’t care what relation I have to that child, I’m not spending more than $15 on a gift.”

They argue that children often lose interest in toys quickly, and that spending a lot of money on a gift may not be worth it.

Others Weigh In

One user writes, “Yea, family I will spend a bit more [money] and thought on a gift… but when my kids get invited to parties we have a $20 limit. Gift bag is included in that price too.”

Others Weigh In

Another user shares a similar sentiment, saying, “Dollar tree for the win. Kids have no idea. If they do and they demand expensive gifts then the parents have done something wrong.”


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