Do balance bikes work?

Balance bikes are a great option for teaching your child the fundamentals of cycling, however you should also consider the age and maturity level of your child.

What is a balance bike A balance bike is a type of bike specifically designed for toddlers and young children. 

How Does a balance bike work Balance bikes are propelled forward by the rider pushing their feet on the ground for propulsion in the form of walking or running.

Why get a balance bike Balance bikes are a great way to introduce children to cycling correctly. By providing a two-wheeled bike without pedals, kids learn how to balance and ride 

Balance bike vs training wheels: Is a balance bike better? Deciding whether a balance bike or training wheels is better for teaching your child how to ride a bike can be challenging.

What age is best for a balance bike? Considering the size and coordination skills of most young children, the age range of 18 months up to 2 years is ideal for a balance bike.

Do kids need balance bikes? It allows toddlers to practice and learn how to ride a bike before moving on to two wheels.

Is a balance bike approved under montessori? Balance bikes help children learn to ride a bike in an enjoyable manner that adheres to elements of the Montessori approach

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