Is Seint Makeup Clean, or All Natural?

Seint makeup is great because it has great coverage and can be applied quickly. However, some people wonder, and rightly so, if Seint makeup is clean or all natural.

How clean is Seint makeup?

How toxic is Seint makeup?

The ingredients in Seint makeup score an average of 1.5 on the EWG database. Therefore we can conclude that Seint makeup is clean and non-toxic.

With an average score of 1.5 on the EWG database, Seint makeup is made with clean and non-toxic ingredients.

Ingredients in Seint makeup

Ingredients in Seint brush cleaner

Seint’s contour and highlight cream makeup products are made with only 10 ingredients

Seint’s brush cleaner consists of six ingredients

Is Seint makeup good?

Is Seint makeup good quality?

Is Seint makeup non-comedogenic?

 Easy to apply and blend: you can do your makeup within five minutes

Seint takes pride in the quality of their makeup products. Each product is made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients

While Seint makeup is made from high quality ingredients, Seint does not claim that their makeup products are non-comedogenic.

Is Seint makeup non-toxic?

Is Seint makeup OK for oily skin?

Is Seint makeup vegan?

Seint makeup, which has received the Environmental Working Group’s “Champion” rating for its commitment to using non-toxic ingredients.

Yes. Seint makeup can be used by those who have oily skin.

No. Seint makeup is not vegan because it uses beeswax in its makeup formulation.

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