How Can She Explain What Co-Parenting Means To Her 8 Year Old Daughter?

For this woman, who we’ll call Sarah, figuring out how best to tell her daughter that she’s separated from her ex-husband is a challenge.

They Have Always Been Separated

Sarah’s daughter grew up from a very young age knowing that Sarah and her ex-husband do not live with each other. Sarah said, “My daughter will be 8 soon.

The Realization

“She obviously knows we are not married and we do not live together,” Sarah said.

The Living Arrangement

Sarah shared her co-parenting arrangement with her ex. She said, “I have her Mondays to Fridays and he has her every other weekend.”

Dealing with Questions

“She is starting to ask questions about why we broke up, why we couldn’t work it out, will we ever be together again,” Sarah shared.

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