How To Change Diaper When Baby Keeps Rolling

Changing a squirming baby’s diaper can often be a challenge.

However, there are some simple tricks that can help you keep your baby in one place while changing the diaper.

Top 5 ways to change diapers when baby keeps rolling

Try singing a song or playing peek-a-boo with the diaper. Babies are distracted very easily, so entertaining them while changing their diapers is a great way to keep them relaxed.

Sing songs while changing baby diapers 

One way is to try and distract your little one with a quick game of peek-a-boo or some silly faces and games.

Entertain your baby while changing diapers 

The best thing you can do is give your baby a toy that they find particularly interesting.

Give your baby a toy when changing diapers 

One great option is a book— specifically one that’s child-sized and fits into their hand so they can easily flip through its pages when lying down.

Give your baby a book when changing baby diapers 

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