Hookup Culture And Consumer Debt: 11 Things Society Normalizes But Some Refuse To Do

They may prefer to keep their personal lives private and not feel the need to constantly update their followers. 

Plastering Your Life on Social Media

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Death of Privacy

With the rise of technology and social media, privacy has become increasingly scarce.

Monetizing Hobbies for Social Media

Many people have turned their hobbies into a source of income by producing content for social media. 

Food Delivery Services

While food delivery services have become extremely popular, some individuals prefer to pick up their food themselves. 

Going to Work While Sick

Despite the pressure to show up to work no matter what, some individuals prioritize their health and refuse to go to work while sick. 

Consumer Debt

While society may normalize consumer debt, some prioritize financial responsibility and refuse to buy anything they can't afford to pay for outright. 

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