Her parents wish to come visit, but she won't be a good hostess.

The Backstory

A frustrated mother who is feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming visit of her husband’s family is facing a dilemma.

The husband expressed his expectations of her while his family is visiting. “His response was ‘Well we are going to need this and that for my parents and X for the kids, and I was thinking one day I can make X.’

The new mother explains, “I am not trying to go above and beyond here and play host when I’m 3 weeks postpartum.

The Responses Are On Her Favor

Another person adds, “You do not visit a 3 weeks postpartum mom of a new baby and toddler and expect to be wined and dined with ‘the best’ and/or be entertained.”

The mother’s husband is also criticized for his lack of support and understanding.

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