Her Friend Did Not Appreciate That She Was Well-Prepared To Have Children While The Friend Was Not

Husband Works Overseas

Rochelle and her husband have a four-month-old baby, but her husband is deployed overseas and she is essentially a single-mom most days. “I had my first child 4 months ago,” Rochelle said.

Planning Ahead

Rochelle had planned extensively before the birth of her child, saving 100% of her pay check for over a year so she could stay home until her baby was at least one year old.

She Invites Her Friend Over

The controversy began when Rochelle met another mom during mommy yoga and they hit it off. Rochelle invited her over and she was surprised at how clean it was and how rested she was.

Accusations of Arrogance

Later on the friend texted Rochelle, saying that she felt like a horrible mom because of how put together Rochelle was and that Rochelle’s comments made her feel like a total failure.

Others Weigh In: Rochelle Is Not At Fault

Many people have responded to Rochelle’s story positively, saying she is not at fault for being truthful and helping out a friend.