Her Family Believes She Shouldn't Go On A Trip Without Her Pregnant Sister

Woman Plans Eurotrip With Friends

So it’s sort of a celebration for that and to spent some time together before we all move away and are living in different cities,” said the original poster (OP), a soon-to-be college graduate.

“I did talk about this trip with my family last year when me and my friends first thought of it. It wasn’t a problem then,” OP says.

OP’s father and brother both think she should cancel the trip because of the stressful time her sister is going through, but OP doesn’t think it’s fair. “

“You are not your sister’s translator, and 4 months is plenty of notice for her to find a translator she feels comfortable with. If not, she has two options in the family as backup,” said one comment.

Others Weigh In

Many are supportive of OP’s decision to go on the trip. “The trip is 4 months away and that should give her time to find a friend or family member to go with her to appointments.

Others Weigh In

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