Her Doctor Immediately Disregards Her Medical Request as a Pregnant Woman. Is Her Doctor Wrong?

A woman shared her experience of feeling gaslit by her OB in a post on Reddit. In the beginning weeks of her pregnancy, she experienced medical anxiety, which caused her to call her OB’s office twice with questions.

During her 28-week appointment, she asked about scheduling a c-section due to her pre-existing prolapse and her baby’s size, which was in the 95th percentile.

“I don’t want to switch OBs cause that’s too stressful right now and he is an amazing surgeon so I don’t feel uncomfortable in that way. It’s just insanely frustrating.."

Others Weigh In

The woman’s story of feeling gaslit by her OB during pregnancy has resonated with many Reddit users who shared their own experiences of being dismissed or mistreated by healthcare providers.

Others Weigh In

Some users also shared their own stories of being mislabeled or mistreated by their OBs. “My OB put the reason for my c-section as PTSD.


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