She Was Left Shocked When Her Coworkers Without Children Of Their Own Ask Her To Wean Her Baby

In an age where opinions on parenting can be a contentious issue, one mom has found herself under pressure from her non-parent colleagues to end breastfeeding her 11-month-old.

“I tell them WHO and AAP state benefits of breastfeeding until age 2, so if it continues to work for us, maybe sometime around then” she says. But her colleagues are not convinced and provide the following comments:

“Yikes that’s such a long time.” “Please promise me you’ll stop by 2.” “If I was a mom I’d stop when they start walking.”

Others Weigh In One of the commenters shared a sentiment that “There’s nothing wrong with you and it’s strange to be so assertive when [they] don’t even have kids or the experience of nursing at all.”

Others Weigh In Another commenter said that next time they offer their own comments, she should reply with: “Hopefully by the time you have kids, you’ll learn how to keep unwanted opinions and thoughts to yourself”.

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