Wife Angers Husband And Her Parents For Using This Tactic To Prove Her Kids Should Not Get A Pet

The Backstory

In an attempt to ensure that her family would take proper care of a pet, one wife devised a trial run before allowing a dog into the home

“I finally agreed on three conditions,” she said.

“One: smaller than sixty pounds, Two: a non shedding dog only. Three: for sixty days in a row they had to collect all the garbage from all the trash cans.

Her plan worked. “The longest they have made it so far is two weeks,” she said.

Her parents were livid and said she was being unreasonable.

In the end, her husband realized that the kids weren’t responsible enough to have a dog.

Praised For Brilliant Parenting

The wife’s wise decision to give her family a trial run before getting a dog was well received by the public.

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