Her Boss Thinks She Should Have Given Up Her First Class Plane Ticket To Her Boss

When it comes to etiquette and protocol, one situation that has caused much debate recently is whether or not a person should give their boss their upgrade to first class on an airplane.

She Flies To A Conference With Her Boss

The story began when a woman who was also a frequent traveler and her boss were flying home after a conference. The woman earned a free upgrade to first class, while her boss did not.

“The company paid for my original ticket,” explains the woman, “but it was my own personal credit card spending and frequent travel that earned me the upgraded seat.”.

I think this is absolutely insane,” the woman said, as she wondered if there is a corporate standard that the she is somehow is unaware of.

Others Weigh In

“If you want to be safe going forward you can always email HR and ask ‘X happened while on this trip and Manager Y advised that I should have done Z,'” suggested one commenter.