He Was Expelled From His mother's Home. His Aunt Accepted Him. His Mother Is Enraged

Parenting is never an easy task, and it’s not uncommon for family members to have different views on how children should be raised.

The Backstory Julie says that her sister, Sally lives close to them and has three children, Jane, Mary and John.

“Sally is a single mother,” Julie relates. “[She] has always been a bit tougher on her kids than I would have been, but I fully accept that she had the right to raise them as she saw fit.”

Child-Free Couple Julie and her husband are child-free, however they have always been close with their nieces and nephews.

While it’s understandable that Sally may feel hurt by her decision, it’s important to remember that every child is different and may require different forms of support.

Others Weigh In One person explained, “John is 18, he’s an adult. It’s no longer possible to ‘undermine’ your sister’s parenting of him. But you did offer him a situation that allowed him to find success, and she’s mad because it’s working.”