He Started Calling His Brother ‘Dad’ So This Is What He Did

Absent Father

Jim and his younger brother’s father has been absent for the past six years. “My father has been in and out of our lives for the past 6 years,” Jim lamented.

Life Has Been Tough For Jim’s Mom

“It’s been very tough for my mother who’s tried her utmost best to make the best of such an awful situation for us kids without much help.”

Ed Continues To Call Jim ‘Dad’

“It didn’t stop there. Ed started calling me dad more, whether it was in private or whether it was in front of the family. I was extremely confused,” Jim recalls.

Others Sympathize With Jim

One person said, “while he may see you as a father figure, it’s OK that you don’t want the title. Social-wise, calling a 19 yr old “dad” and a 48-yr old “mom” could also be VERY awkward.”

Some People Think Jim’s Mom Is Using Him As A Replacement

Someone else said, “Your mother is using you as a quasi-replacement and doesn’t want to deal with the bigger issues here.