"He Picks His Nose And Wipes It On His Shirt" Woman Doesn't Know What To Do With Her Slob Boyfriend

"He eats in our room all the time and drops crumbs all over the bed." 

Eating In The Room

"He doesn’t throw his rubbish. In fact he leaves his unfinished food on the table for disposal the following day." 

He Leaves Food On The Table

"When he snacks, he doesn’t clean his fingers. Then he proceeds to touch my face, the pillows, his phone, everything with his hands." 

Doesn't Clean His Fingers

"He’s constantly digging his nose and wiping his finger on his shirt." 

Constant Nose Picking

"He takes out his contact lenses and throws it casually behind the bed or on the floor." 

Disregard For Contact Lenses

S W I P E  U P !

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