He Is Furious That She Showers Everyday. Does He Have A Right To Be Angry?

She Showers Everyday Personal hygiene can be a contentious issue in relationships, as it can be influenced by cultural, social, and personal factors.

He Showers Less Often On the other hand, John has been very vocal saying that showering daily is a waste of time and money and bad for the environment.

He Is Adamant That She Shower Less Often After explaining her situation to John, Rose said, John is still adamant that she shower less often. Rose said, “he’s still not budging, he told me I could do a bird bath and leave the big shower for every other day.”

Others Weigh In

As one person stated, “I realize many tend to default to “break up” – but I think it’s appropriate here. The fact he is trying to control you, and “sulking” over it – is just insane.”

Others Weigh In

Some even suggested that Rose should end the relationship altogether. As one woman stated, “If I were you I would send him packing and never look back.”

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