Does Having A Second Child Increase Happiness? The Answers Are Divided

Many ask this question when deciding whether they want to try for a second or third child. Here is how people responded to the query.

Positive Responses Some parents responded positively, with one saying, “100%. I had such an incredibly hard time with my first that I was expecting hell again, and I just got easy sunshine and babyhood that I filled my heart all the way and more.”

Another parent said, “Yes, absolutely. I’m not going to pretend it’s easy, but my second is adorable and delightful.”

Negative Responses However, not all parents shared the same sentiment. One parent replied, “Sorry to buck the trend but no. Your happiness will not double.

Another parent stated, “Yes and no. My second is so cute right now and he makes me smile far more than my four year old “teenager” did at the same age and currently.