Do you serve food at a gender reveal party?

No matter what type of gender reveal party you’re hosting, make sure to provide enough food and drinks for your guests. After all, gender reveal parties are a time of celebration and it helps to have some refreshments.

What do you serve at gender reveal party?

Do guests bring anything to a gender reveal party?

For more casual gender reveal parties, it is common to serve finger foods such as chips and dip, mini sandwiches, and cupcakes.

It is not customary for guests to bring anything to a gender reveal party. Gifts are not expected at this time.

Easy gender reveal food ideas

Here are some ideas for gender reveal themed foods that you might want to consider serving at your party: 1. Pink and Blue Fruit Kabobs 2. Gender Reveal Sugar Cookies 3. Cake Pops with pink or blue center See more...

Gender reveal party food and drinks

Here are some more gender reveal party food and drink ideas for you to try! 1. Chocolate gender reveal cake 2. Mini cupcakes with gender reveal frosting 3. Pink lemonade or gender-themed punch See more ...

Savory gender reveal food ideas

If you are looking for savory food ideas to serve at your gender reveal party, here are a few ideas you can try: 1. Cheese and cracker platter 2. Pinwheel sandwiches 3. Mini pizzas with gender reveal toppings See more ...

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