Best Advice From Gen X To The Younger Generation

Here are 5 pieces of advice from 40 year olds and older to the younger generation.

Protect Your Ears As one 52-year-old advises, “Don’t be embarrassed to use foam earplugs at concerts and other loud events.

Learn About Finances and Taxes Finances and taxes are a part of life, and you cannot escape them. It’s essential to learn about them early so you can make informed decisions.

It’s Never Too Late to Change As one person in their forties advised, “My point is that there is always time to turn around and change things if you find yourself on the wrong path or don’t like where you are.”

Take Care of Your Health Your health is something that money cannot buy. As one person in their fifties advised, “Stay in shape. You can’t buy health, no matter how much dough you make.”