Funeral Director And Security Guards: 10 Low Effort Jobs with Surprisingly High Salaries - Do You Agree?

Top Secret Clearance Jobs

Jobs that require a top secret clearance, such as janitorial work at a nuclear facility, can pay well due to the high level of security clearance required.

Security Guard

Companies can pay well with full benefits and require minimal effort, such as sitting in a shack watching CCTV screens. 

It requires minimal effort, with some making $250k annually while working remotely for 25-30 hours a week. 

Product Manager

Office manager jobs, particularly in public agencies, can pay well and require minimal effort. 

Office Manager

Airport Janitor

Airport janitor jobs, particularly federal jobs, can pay well with good benefits and not much work. 

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Vascular Access Nurses

"Vascular access nurse. I get paid 100k/year and all I do is stab people all day. It’s really not that hard once you have the skills/experience." 

Black Section Separator

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