From Rustic to Modern: The Top Baby Shower Venues You Need to Know About

Whether you are the mom-to-be at the helm and planning your own baby shower, or you expect to be surprised, here’s a list of the best baby shower venues that you might like to consider

Outdoor Park

A baby shower held at a park are just naturally more laid back and less formal. If you want to take off the pressure to have a super formal shower, this might be a good option for you.

Home of Baby Shower Host

A great option and one that many people opt for when they are planning a baby shower is to host the baby shower at their own home, if space is available.

Virtual Baby Shower

If many of the guests are from out of town, or if you have health concerns about bringing in a lot of guests for a large party, a virtual baby shower is the best option.

Home of the Expecting Parents

If you are the expecting mother, and also the one planning the baby shower, you may decide that you want to host the baby shower in your own home.