Forty Year Old Woman Complains That Boomers Still Talk To Her Like She's A Teenager

Boomer Opinions on Everything

A woman, who we'll call 'Rachel' began by saying, "I am forty years old and Boomers still think they can speak to me like I'm 17...."

Adult By All Standard

"I am middle aged. I own a home. I'm married. I pay taxes. I work a full time job...."

Boomer Opinions on Autumn Leaves

"Recently, a Boomer neighbor was walking by our house and told my husband and I that we shouldn't be mulching the leaves..."

Boomer Opinions on Dogs

"We adopted another dog recently, she's a pittie mix and for some reason Boomers literally cannot handle that...."

Boomer Opinions on House Colors

"We recently had our old aluminum siding replaced and we went with a dark green color. Our neighborhood is already super colorful..."

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