First Time Pregnancy Advice To Make Your Life Easier

What should I expect in my first pregnancy?

At the beginning of your first pregnancy, there are many changes to your body that you will experience for the first time.

First trimester (what is it and how long)

The good news? If you are feeling all the first trimester symptoms now, you are probably 3-4 weeks into your pregnancy, which means you only have about 2 months left before you get to the second trimester.

Things to avoid in early pregnancy

According to Healthline, these are the top foods to avoid throughout your pregnancy, but especially in early pregnancy: – Undercooked/raw meat and fish – Unpasteurized dairy product

How to stay healthy

Staying healthy will allow you to recover faster postpartum, and will also give you the stamina you need to be able to get through the sometime long, and intense labour.

Keep a regular exercising regime

Working out not only helps you feel good during pregnancy, but it’s also going to help you prepare for the long marathon that is labour and giving birth.