Brush Stroke

Father Returns Daughter’s Car After Disrespectful Reaction

Brush Stroke

Father Gifts Daughter a Car

Because of her performance in school, John decides to gift Hailey with a car. “I decided to get her a gift for all her hard work and effort. We will call my daughter Hailey.."

Daughter Reacts Poorly

However, Hailey’s reaction was not what John was expecting. “When I showed it to her and let her ride it, she was livid, because for some reason it was ugly, not the newest, and she said she wouldn’t touch it.”

Father Returns Car

“I decided to return her car as I had brought it recently. When I came back home, my daughter asked me where the car went.

Daughter Wants a New Car

“Hailey asked me if me and her can go to the car dealership to pick out her new car and I told her no.

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