Exhausted And Overwhelmed With Being A Mom? Here Are Things to Know About Being 'Touched Out' as a Mom"


Here are some things to know about being 'touched out' as a mom. 

What Does 'Touched Out' Mean?

Being 'touched out' is a term used to describe the feeling of being overwhelmed or exhausted from constant physical touch.

Why Does Being 'Touched Out' Happen?

For moms with young children, constant physical touch is often required for feeding, changing, and comforting.

What Does Being 'Touched Out' Feel Like?

Being 'touched out' can feel like a physical and emotional exhaustion.

How Can You Manage Being 'Touched Out'?

Managing being 'touched out' can involve setting boundaries and communicating your needs to your children and partner.

Is Being 'Touched Out' Normal?

Being 'touched out' is a normal experience for many moms, especially those with young children who require constant physical touch and attention.

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