9 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag So You’re Ready For Labor Anytime

You are 37 weeks in, and you are just going about your business, when suddenly you feel contractions, and suddenly feel like baby is about to make an early entrance (or exit, whichever way you like to look at it..)!

Phone Charger

This one’s pretty straight forward, but something you can easily forget to bring. Pack a spare charger in your hospital bag so that you don’t have to bring the one you normally use at home.

Wallet and personal ID

Don’t forget about this one– it’s pretty important. You’d need your personal ID in order to be admitted to the hospital.

Nintendo Switch (for dad)

Ok fine, so this one’s not reaaallyy that important, but you just never know how long you will stay in the hospital, so better to have a form of entertainment prepared.


You can disregard this one if you’re giving birth in the summer. But if you’re giving birth any other time, and especially during the colder months

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