12 Things You Must Pack In Your Hospital Bag For The Future Dad

What kind of bag should I use for my hospital bag?

If you’re wondering what kind of bag you should use for your hospital bag, well the answer really is whatever you have on hand.

Here are the absolute essentials you should pack in your husband’s hospital bag.


It’s essential for so many reasons, such as calling a loved one in case anything happens, taking pictures and videos of your newborn, and also sharing said videos and pictures

Phone Charger

Ok this one needs a little more emphasis than the phone, because even though most people do not need a reminder to bring their phones to the hospital, some people do forget to bring a phone charger!

Toiletries Kit

This one is also essential. Even in the best possible scenarios, hospitals tend to keep mom and baby in the hospital for observation for a minimum of 24 hours, so guess what?

Headphones/ Earphones

If labour has stalled or you’re just in the waiting period, and you want to watch your favourite show on Netflix, having earphones would be so beneficial.