The iPhone Parental Controls Every Parent Needs To Know 

A 2018 study of elementary school students found a link between increased screen time and behavioral problems such as restlessness, reduced attention span, and hyperactivity. 

Introducing iPhone Screen Time The iPhone’s Screen Time is one of the best parental control tools to ensure kids are safe while using their smartphones. It enables you, the parent, to set time limits, manage app activity, and block access

Screen Time Setup

To activate Screen Time and access parental controls on an iPhone, use the following steps: 1. Navigate to the Settings app and select Screen Time. SWIPE UP to see more!

iPhone Parental Controls: Screen Time Setting

After activating screen time, you can start customizing parental controls on your kid’s phone. Find these settings by navigating to Settings> Screen Time. 

Protect Your Kids With iPhone Parental Control Settings

Social media, video games, and the internet can all be potentially dangerous places for children. As a parent, your job is to keep your kids safe by monitoring and restricting their online activity.