12 Science Experiments for Kids to Spark Curiosity This Summer

Kids activities and simple science experiments don’t need to be complicated, and many of the best ones are made with basic household ingredients.  

Here are 12 easy science experiments for kids. From dancing raisins to colored carnations, these experiments will spark curiosity and entertain kids with hands-on fun. 

1. Fizzing Color Baking soda and vinegar are a simple combination that creates a fizzy reaction. Supplies: baking soda, food coloring, distilled white vinegar, and a small bowl.

2. Dancing Raisin These dancing raisins will bounce until they run out of bubbles. For best results, use clear soda. Supplies: raisins, lemon-lime (or any clear) soda, and a glass. 

3. Freaked Out Pepper Watch as the pepper races to the edge of the bowl in this easy experiment.  Supplies: water, black pepper, dish soap, and a shallow bowl. 

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